Non Traditional ways of Gardening

Once upon a time, farmers would hook up their plow animal to their walk behind plows, and hit the field. Then came, the invention of the tractor. Modern advancements have made gardening much easier, and arguably, more effective. One of the more modern ways to garden is container gardens and raised beds. I have recently began to experiment with these types of gardens. You can use anything from wood nailed together, cinder blocks, rocks out of your driveway, decorative flower pots, or even just random buckets you have laying around. This week I have tried all of these ways. This manner of gardening so far seems much less labor intensive to me personally. The hardest was building my own raised bed. It wasn’t even that complicated. I simply took 2-2X4 boards, 8 feet in length. I cut them into 4 sections. 2-3 foot sections, and 2-5 foot sections. After that I simply fastened them together with some screws I had in my junk drawer and filled it with a good garden soil. It cost me less than $15 total. I had some organic fertilizer laying around I mixed it in with the soil to give it just a little boost. Finally, the hard part. Deciding what seeds to plant. That is always the hardest part for me. I guess now, its just a waiting game to see how things work out. (The cinder block raised bed has been in my yard since I was a little girl. I planted some sugar snap peas in it a few months back. I think they would be doing wonderful if my kids would stop eating them off the vine as soon as they were big enough to harvest!!

Lettuce in a container garden.

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